How long have you been running the Inmobiliaria Acapulco?

5 years being the manager of Inmobiliaria Acapulco and 10 years in comercial sales.


Why did you decide to enter the real estate business?

It is a family business. I started at the bottom working on the building sites, progressing bit by bit to know from the bottom all the aspects of the real estate life. I am the 3rd generation. To maintain this solid structure, it is so important to know all, to act therefore in each case accordingly.


What do you think Inmobiliaria Acapulco can offer it’s clients that others can’t?

We are the oldest estate agency in Fuengirola, with more than 54 years of experience in the same place, the confidence of our clients is our number one priority, we work hard for them and their appreciation is of great importance to us. We are a young team and we are well aware that the way forward is to be informed with the latest, meeting monthly to make sure this happens. We have built and sold more than 2000 properties as well as second hand ones. We are founders of AURUM, UNA MLS implanted throughout the Costa del Sol, with a strict ethical code que makes the difference with others with the continual formation of sales as well as management.


What is the best you find working at Inmobiliaria Acapulco?

Be in contact with the people not only from here, but many places around the world who have confidence in our agency. We receive many recommendations from other clients and friends, the satisfaction of sellers and buyers, how we achieve our objects, that all our commerial interventions run smoothly and that our clients can sleep in bed at night.


How so you see the real estate in today’s world and it’s future?

The market at the moment is in an upward trend cycle, the Costa del Sol is one of the best places in Spain to invest, millions of people dream of living here due to our culture, gastronomy, way of life and segurity Spain offers.


Each day we se more real estate agencies working on-line, internet has been an incredible boom, what do you think about the new technologies and it’s application in the real-estate life?

I have dedicated all my life to investments, negotiations, resolving the problems that may occur in a purchase/sale relationship, market studies, promotions….. My facet as an estate agent is to dedícate to my clients the máximum guarantee, and profesional services, I have many contacts within the construction, engineers, law, architectual and decoration world, before the sale/purchase we do all the necessary investigations as my word and the respect of my clients is my number one priority.


After all the talk, what do you think of the platforms like Airbnb, hundredrooms or others?

In one way, they have left the sector with more guarantees and segurity. By defect, these type of people spend less and massify more.


And about the hostels?

I am in favour of the hostels, it is great for the young generation to exchange cultures but also to be limited to not massify the sector.


Lets speak about investments. Is it a good idea to invest or are we going to suffer a new burst of the investment bubble?

It is a good time to invest in the Costa del Sol, we are going through an upward trend cycle which will continue for a few years, on the Costa del Sol ALWAYS there will be an interest of buying properties for special circumstances, great part of the bubble was due to the construction of properties in the wrong place or of not the quality required by the purchaser, the client demands more these days.


Do you see that the crisis is relaxing and that this permits more open possibilites? Is the crisis on the Costa del Sol of the past?

This is the best time to invest, next year the prices will be more expensive.


Going back to the digital platforms to make invetments, what do you think about them like housers for example?

Brings democracy to the real-estate world, but those who run these type of platforms are far away from microeconomics which a local can achieve with much better results.


Lastly, what does it mean to you professionally working in Inmobiliaria Acapulco?

Work in a BUSINESS OF REFERENCE IN THE AREA, known and appreciated. And of course the satisfaction of our clients which is the ultimate goal.